Affordable Housing

As a City we have seen incredible growth in both jobs and population.  Just like many other cities we are experiencing a common growing pains of a lack of affordable housing.  It is a difficult problem.  We must find ways to give incentive to developers to build homes and apartments that are affordable so that the most vulnerable have a place to live.  Otherwise we could have a homeless situation develop like they have in Seattle.  

Possible solutions are:

  • Invest more in housing production trust funds.
  • Survey public land for building opportunities.
  • Reduce the number of exemptions from inclusionary zoning laws.
  • Have major employers step up with some housing assistance for their workers.


One of the most key responsibilities of a city government is maintaining, upgrading and adding infrastructure as the city grows and ages.  As our budget allows, we must take every opportunity to increase our infastructure technology to make it as smart as possible for efficiency, savings and safety.

The Geo Way Corridor is in desperate need of parking.  Everyone I talked to says that parking is a problem there.  The many businesses and events would have many more customers if there were more parking.  It is an economic strangle hold over that area and a source of frustration to our citizens.  I propose the city purchase the land across the street from the Pit that is being developed and build a city parking structure that will be paid for with parking fees.  


Threat Preparedness

Climate Change

Nuclear waste radiation leak






Economic Development


Public Safety



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